Conveyancing In Brief

What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the 'act of transfer of title to property from one person to another'. In essence it is the legal process of buying and selling property.

Who does the conveyancing?

Property conveyancing by law, must be done by a property solicitor or licensed conveyancer. One lawyer cannot act for both parties, as this would cause a conflict of interest so therefore both the buyer and seller will have their own representation.

What do they actually do?

Essentially the conveyancer is acting on behalf of either the buyer or seller and representing their interests in the property purchase or sale. Their job is to ensure that the terms and conditions of the contract for sale are fair and reasonable and that all of the financial information is correct. The process for what they actually do differs as to whether they are acting for the buyer or the seller.




Moving house is always stressful

One of the most stressful things that you can ever do is to move house. When you use the services of TrentSide Legal you will find our blend of experience, the latest technology and unrivalled client care will ease you through the house buying or selling process quickly and smoothly.

Buying your first home

Whether you are buying your first home or are a property investor with a portfolio of properties you will need a specialist property team to conduct your property sale or purchase and once you instruct TrentSide Legal that is exactly what you get.

Mortgages and Equity

In addition to dealing with the sale and purchase of residential property we can offer expert advice and assistance on re-mortgages, home equity release loans, transfers of equity.

Who will be responsible

Helen Kirk, is our sole practitioner and qualified as a Solicitor in 1997 having started out as an office junior and working her way up. She will have overall conduct in your matter and will carry out the majority of the work. However where work can be delegated to more junior colleagues we will do so under adequate supervision by Mrs Kirk.

In addition to the person directly dealing with your case, we appoint a Supervisor to have overall responsibility for each client's matter. A Supervisor is appointed in every case even when it is being handled by our most senior staff. The Supervisor for your particular case is Steven Sprakes. You should only contact him if you become dissatisfied with any aspect of the way in which your matter is being handled and that you feel that you have not been able to resolve your difficulties direct with Mrs Kirk.

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