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What is Probate?

Probate is the process of dealing with the estate of someone who has died which generally will mean, clearing their debts and distributing their assets in accordance with their Will. However, the absence of a Will does not necessarily mean that Probate is not required. 

If an Estate is valued above the Probate threshold, and the assets (everything he/she owned) were held in the deceased's sole name, then Probate will be needed. 


A straight forward case might take 10 hours which would be £1,800 plus vat together with the probate fee of £215 and oath fee of £7.

A more complex case is very difficult to assess but we charge for time spent and not a percentage of the value of the estate which we feel in fairer.  Sometimes a high value case might be very straight forward and a low value case might be more time consuming.  For example, the deceased might have lots of small shareholdings or other accounts which need attention.

Our "time spent" is charged at £180 plus vat which we break down into 6 minute units which is £18 plus vat.  "Time spent" will be attendances upon you or others and preparation work.  Our letters/emails written or received are charged at £18 plus vat each assuming 1 A4 page.  Longer letters/emails are charged for time spent.  Routine telephone calls will be charged at £18 plus vat each unless longer than 6 minutes and then they will be charged on a time basis.

As you can see, it is nigh impossible to give a proper impression of what our charges might be so you should make an appointment to see us with as much information about the estate as you have in order that we can give you our best estimate at the outset of your case.