It is not obligatory by law to prepare a Will for yourself and it is an easy task to put off. However, many problems can arise if you die without leaving a valid Will.

Everyone should consider making a Will. People should also review their Wills regularly, particularly if their circumstances change e.g. they get married, have children or get divorced.

There are many areas to consider when making a Will, some of which are as follows: 
  • Deciding who Inherits
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Appointing legal guardians for your children
  • Setting up Trusts for children
  • Charity donations
  • Funeral Arrangements
  • Problems for those left behind
  • You can book a no obligation free half hour with our Solicitor Helen to go through your requirements and she can advise you on the best steps to take to ensure everything is cared for.

    Alternatively, please complete and return our Will Questionnaire either by email to or post it to us setting our your instructions. Please ensure that you provide contact details so that we are able to get back in touch. 

The main reason for making a Will is so you can decide who will benefit after your death. If you don't make a Will the people who you want to leave your estate to, may receive little or nothing at all and others who you do not wish to leave anything to may benefit. Making a Will ensures everything is left in accordance with your wishes.

You may wish to make a Will to avoid paying Inheritance Tax which may be payable by your estate on assets over £325,000 (from 6 April 2009). There are simple things that can be done during your lifetime and under your Will to reduce or negate your Inheritance Tax liability.

People may wish to appoint guardians to look after their children if neither parent is alive, or trustees to look after your assets until the children are old enough to take responsibility. 
If you fail to appoint Guardians in your Will and both parents die before the children reach 18, the courts will appoint Guardians instead, but they won't necessarily appoint the people that you would have preferred to take care of your children.


Our costs for preparing a Will start at £95 plus VAT for a simple Will and increase depending on the complexity but, generally do not exceed £250 plus VAT. We work to your timescales for creating the Will but will be reliant on third parties dealing with matters in a timely fashion. We generally post our correspondence out to you so the Royal Mail adhering to their timescales. If required, we can email correspondence to speed things up.

Helen Kirk, our principal Solicitor will have conduct of your file with our other staff members assisting as necessary. 

The key stages are set out as follows: 

o Firstly, we hold an initial meeting to discuss what you would like to be included in the Will, who you wish to appoint as Executors and any other information that is required i.e. if you have a specific item you want to leave to a specific person.

o After the meeting, Helen will dictate the Will based on your requirements. This will be typed up by one of our legal secretaries and posted out to you along with our explanatory letter, client care letter and terms of business.

o If you read through the draft and decide that there are amendments you wish to make, you can either book a new appointment to see Helen again to go through the amendments or, if they are simple, you can call our office to advise of the amendments. We will amend the draft on file and this will be re-posted out to you for your approval.

o Once the Will is exactly how you wish it to be, a final appointment will be made for you to attend our offices. At this appointment, Helen will read through the final Will to ensure that it is the correct version and contains all of your requirements. Upon confirmation of this by you, the engrossment version will then by signed by you, in the presence of two of our staff members as witnesses. 

o The original signed Will, will then either be placed in our fire proof safe for us to store for you or, it will be taken home by you, for you to store for safekeeping. 

Whatever the situation, make TrentSide Legal your first choice.